Monday, October 18, 2010


Bit of a random drive-by post today, sorry.  I'm going a bit nutty getting ready for the Silent Auction, promoting the online auction (today and tomorrow! Critiques from agents and authors!  Go check it out! Pass it on to your friends!), and not having internet at home (I'll be getting it soon, though).

Anyway, I was thinking about acronyms the other day.  Sometimes, when I see an aconym, I think the actual words it stands for, and other times, I think the letters.  Do you do that?  Or do you always hear an acronym one way or the other?

For example, when I see LOL, I think "LOL."  I don't think "laughing out loud."  But when I see MG, I think "middle grade." 

When I see "FYI," I think "FYI," but if I see "BTW," I think "by the way."

Am I weird, or do any of you do that, too?

Hope to be back online soon, so I can catch up with all the blogs I missed!

Check out the online auction and spread the word!

Larissa :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Online Auction with CRITIQUES!

Hi everyone! Long time, no see!

Obviously, I don't have my beloved home internet access back yet, but I should have it soon! I also got a promotion this week, which is both good and bad. It's good, because I get a raise with it. It's bad because I lose the one day a week I had off, and I have added responsibilities (I'm now the VPK teacher at my preschool instead of the co-teacher for the Mother's Morning Out). *sigh* Hopefully I can adjust my schedule *again* and find writing time somewhere...

On top of that (which was a sort of, "you start tomorrow" kind of thing - yay), one of my crowns broke, and I now get to wear a retainer-ish thing all day. The dentist said I'd get used to it, but it's been almost a week, and I'm still hating it. We'll see....

Anyway, the actual point of this post was to let you know about the super-cool online auction starting on Saturday. As you may know, I am the Silent Auction Chairperson for the Florida Writers Foundation. The Conference where the Silent Auction will be held is next week (aaahhhh - I have about 100 items to prepare, print bid sheets for, etc. before then). But I wanted to do an online auction beforehand, so that everyone could participate!

So, if you go here: you will see the items available for online bidding. Bidding will open on Saturday, October 16 at 10am Est., and close on Tuesday, October 19 at 10pm Est. Please note that the FWF is a 501(c)3 charity benefitting literacy.

Critiques are available from Jaclyn Dolamore, J.A. Souders, Elana Johnson, Myra McEntire, Georgia McBride, Agent Elana Roth, Agent Natalie Fischer, Gwenda Bond, Shelli Johannes-Wells, and C.A. Marshall!!!

Head over and check it out, and get ready to get your bid on!!!