Saturday, September 4, 2010

Warning: Sporadic Blogging Ahead

So ... remember when my laptop died? And then the replacement laptop had a virus?

Well guess what?

Now Replacement Laptop won't start.

Yes, I'm serious.

Oh, and I had spent at least two and a half hours revising the day before. I have been backing up, but not every day, and unfortunately, that was one of the days I skipped. *HEAVY SIGH*

So, between that and the fact that we're finally going to be moving into our house, blogging will be sporadic. I have also recently been informed that we will be cable and internetless for a while upon moving in (yay.), so that adds even more complications.

Anyway, I'm still collecting donations for the FWF Silent Auction. If you'd like to donate anything let me know!

And, to kill two birds with one stone, I give you The Broken House: A Story in Pictures AND my entry into Kiersten White's PARANORMALCY Contest!

June 2008

What's that? Oh, it's a tree. ON MY HOUSE.

They came to take the tree off the house. The guy took one look at the tree and said, "I'm gonna need the bigger crane. Be right back."

Sorry that one's sideways, but you get it, right?

About three months later, after much arguing with insurance company, the house smelled mildewy, so we decided to move out (October 1, 2008). After all, if the insurance company has to pay for a hotel and food, they'll get their butts in gear, right?

Our first Christmas out of the house (this is in the Residence Inn, our home for 4 1/2 months):

We had packed all of our Christmas stuff in the POD, so we had to make ornaments for the little tree we bought.

I don't know why that one's sideways...*shakes head*
Anyway, shortly after we moved out, my kids coined the term "the broken house" for our house. We still call it that, even though it's not so broken anymore...

So, in February, 2009, the insurance company decided we were wasting money living in the hotel. We needed a rental house! And they found one. Right next door to the broken house! YAY!

This was also the time my husband contacted the Insurance Commissioner about the lack of movement on our claim. Things finally got rolling in that regard in June 2009.

The roof came off.

The new trusses went up.

Oh, look! A new roof! And it's wrapped! Woo!

And there will eventually be an upstairs!

Second Christmas out of our house (this is in the rental house):

And now, finally, it is done enough that we can move in. Because we upgraded some things, the insurance company thought we should have been done in November 2009, so that's when they stopped paying for the rental house. So, even though it's not completely the way we want it (the upstairs won't be done for a while, so we'll be sharing two bedrooms between five of us) we're moving in, baby!

Look at my AMAZING new kitchen! The floor will eventually be tiled, but it's still awesome!
OOOOH! AAAAHHH! (Hubby is going to build columns around those supports in the front).
My soon-to-be dining room! Evie from Paranormalcy thought the accent wall should be pink, but my hubby disagreed. Sorry, Evie.
Evie is also super-impressed with my ginormic new refrigerator. I am, too, to be honest.

So there you have it! The Saga of the Broken House. Hope you enjoyed!

Larissa :-)

P.S. My hubby did most of the work himself, which was how we were able to afford the upgrading. And he's an artist, too. It's okay to be jealous--I would be. :P


  1. Okay, just to let you know (since I keep forgetting to e-mail you... xD), it might take me a while to read the manuscript you sent me, just because I have three school projects going on at once and two of them are due the same week (AHH!) and I want to make sure that when I do have time to read it, I read it carefully.

    As for your blog post - oh, the joys of living in Florida :-P My parents and grandparents are so lucky that they've never had any problems with that. Well, except that one time when the tree fell on my grandma's apartment building. But that didn't really effect her that much. xD

  2. oh wow - what an ordeal to go through. working with insurance companies is about as bad as working with the government. everybody drags their feet and there's so much red tape. glad to see your new and improved house is just about ready! and you'll get to enjoy christmas in it!

    we'll miss you while you take a leave of absence...we'll look forward to your return!

    good luck with everything!

  3. So pretty! Now I need to have a tree fall on my house so I can get it fixed up. :D

  4. New renovated house is gorgeous! Kitchen looks fabulous. Wow, didn't know you had been out of it for almost two years. Yikes.

    Looks like you'll be spending Christmas in your own digs this year. Yay.

  5. Thanks ladies! The funny thing is, it was a completely normal, sunny day when the tree fell. It wasn't a storm or anything.

    Anyway, I'm just hoping that it doesn't take *another* two years to get everything done in the new house. I can't wait until everything is done and we can return to complete normalcy (or, well, at least as much normalcy is possible for a family of five - lol).

  6. That's crazy! And a tree falling on your house would def. make life busy! Glad it's getting fixed! Good luck in the contest!

  7. Wow, that was a LONG time out of the house for you. This reminds me of the tree in my in-laws' yard (HUGE oak) that fell on their neighbors' garage. My MIL gave us all little polished "slices" from a tree branch

  8. I love the new look of the house.

    I hope you get your laptop up and running.

  9. The new house rocks! You must be so excited. But man! What a pain???!