Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crazy Summer

Hi everyone!

I have been having the most insane time with computers this summer.  You may recall that my laptop crashed.  Then a lovely friend gave me an old laptop she doesn't use anymore, and I was super excited!

Then, that laptop had a virus on it.  A horribly icky bad, bad virus that required complete wiping of the computer. UGH.  So I was back to using my iPod Touch for email access for about two weeks.

The laptop is back now, but I have to reupload Office onto it if I want to use it for writing, it's okay for blogging and email checking, but not safe for any type of financial online activity, and (this isn't new, but it's annoying) the keyboard kinda sticks, and I've had to retype half of this post because of missing letters and particularly spaces.

Anyway, enough complaining. Maybe I'll sell a book and I'll be able to get a MacBook and a laser printer (my printer is broken, too - no, I'm not kidding). 

So, in the comments, please let me know if there were any amazing blog posts I missed in the last two weeks.  If something was tweeted, I may have seen it, but looking at things on that tiny screen is frustrating, so it had to sound super fascinating for me to click through.  LOL.

Coming up: I will share the amazingly crazy story of why I have been living out of my house for almost two years. Hint: my kids call it "The Broken House."

Also, my one-year-blogaversary is coming up.  I just checked, and I posted my first blog on July 25!  Wow.  I'm also very very close to 100 followers, so if I get to 100 followers by my blogaversary, I guess I'll have to do a contest, right? ;)  I do have a couple of signed ARCs...and I could probably do a critique, too...hmmmm...



  1. I made 22 vlog posts over the past 2 weeks and you didn't see any of them??? I'm hurt... OH I'M JUST KIDDING. Sorry to hear about all the computer issues, Larissa, that's no fun at all.

  2. I love your backdrop. And congrats on 100 followers (almost).

    "The Broken House." Your children have wit.

  3. My one year blogaversary is in mid-August. It seems monumental to have been blogging a full year. After my current contests finish, I'll do one for that as well. I'll be on the lookout for yours.

    Computer problems are so aggravating. My computer is a year old and it's already having problems. I'd like a MacBook someday, too.

  4. LOL, Mike! Congrats again!

    Thanks, Brad! And thanks for following - you're the 100th! *tosses confetti*

    Hi Medeia! Actually, your comment on twitter reminded me that mine might be coming up. If it wasn't for you, I might have missed mine! :)

  5. I'm so sorry about your computer. My laptop decided it didn't like doing internet two weeks ago. I was dying without internet. So last week I went and bought a new computer. I love it!