Sunday, June 27, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Hello bloggy friends! You'll never guess where I'm posting this from.

Go ahead-guess.

Here's a hint: I am still in my house.

NO! I'm not posting from the bathroom! Ew!

Give up?

I'm posting from my iPod touch.


Because my beloved laptop died yesterday. *moment of silence*

The motherboard is fried, which costs $400 to fix. Or $500 plus $100 to transfer my hard drive to a new laptop. Thankfully, I have a desktop computer. It is slightly overloaded, though, so I am spending my day trying to clean it out to make room for my writing folders from poor laptop.

Then I'll have to move the computer to the living room to hook it up to the interwebz, which will make concentrating difficult. *sigh*

My point, dear friends, is:

FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS (and other social media) BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!

That is all.


  1. That's suckytown! I hope you are able to get everything back in order and not look back again.

  2. Sorry! I thought my computer was on the blitz and backed EVERYTHING up the other week. Phew. But that's cool your blogging from the touch! Hope you get it all worked out soon!

  3. oh man - that's the worst. I can't imagine being without my computer. Hope you get back up and running soon. Thanks for being a big RT supporter!

  4. Thanks, everyone. I'll have to blog about the awesome people who have helped me out when I get back on a regular computer. It's cool to be able to check email etc with this iPod, but it's really time consuming!

  5. I love my iPod Touch, but I can't imagine blogging with it. I need the feel of a real keyboard.

    I back up my work regularly. Every single computer I've owned eventually crashes (in a big, ugly way), and it helps to have extra flash drives and media cards around.

    I hope you resolve your computer issues. :)