Monday, June 7, 2010

SCBWI FL Mid-Year Workshop Part 1 + GIVEAWAY!

This conference was AMAZING. Words cannot express how amazing, but I shall humbly try.

My conference experience started with picking up Kathleen Duey from the airport (I KNOW, right?). I have said before that she is the single most inspiring person I have ever met, and she is even more so now. She is so genuinely nice, helpful, and just fun to be around. You can tell she's really listening to you when you talk to her, and that she truly cares about everyone.

I brought the fabulous Jackie Dolamore with me to pick Kathleen up, since they had wanted to get together while she was in town. At the hotel, we joined the other speakers and volunteers for dinner, where I got to sit next to the lovely Terri Farley, whose book I am giving away shortly. She is really a wonderful person. Very sweet and fun to talk to.

The next day was the unbelievably awesome Novel Intensive.

But I'm going to make you wait to hear about it. I know, I'm mean. *evil grin*

Actually, I'm trying to be nice. I'm going to start the giveaway today (see rules below), and it will continue through Friday. On Wednesday, I will post about the Novel Intensive, and on Friday I will post about the Picture Book track and my critiques AND I WILL GIVE YOU EXTRA ENTRIES FOR COMMENTING ON THOSE POSTS. That's right. I'm giving you easy extra entries. *waits for applause and squeeing to die down*

Here are the awesome books you can win!

Eternal SIGNED by Cynthia Leitich Smith

The Wild One (Phantom Stallion #1) SIGNED by Terri Farley

(I am having trouble getting a picture of this book to work on here. Sorry!)

AND (I know, I said only two, but I'm too generous)

Chicken Dance SIGNED by Tammi Sauer AND Dan Santat

Here are the rulez:

1. You must comment here to be entered in the drawing (1 entry).

2. Old followers (following before June 6) get two additional entries.

3. New followers get one additional entry.

4. Tweeting/facebooking/blogging this giveaway earns you 2 additional entries for each instance (please include link in your comment, and if tweeting, use @lchardesty).

5. Follow me on twitter! One additional entry

6. You will get one additional entry each for commenting on Wednesday and Friday's posts.

6. Include your email in your comment.

7. Please add up your entries in your comment.

8. Giveaway ends at midnight EST on Saturday, June 12, and winners will be posted by Monday, June 14.


Ready, set, go! And thanks for reading. It really means a lot.



  1. SQUEE!! Fantastic book give aways. And how lucky are you to spend uninterrupted time with Kathleen and Jackie? Kathleen is awesome.
    So here goes - comment +1
    old follower - +2
    following you on twitter - +1
    tweeted about contest - +2
    jessieharrell at me dot com

  2. oh yeah - the adding part (oops) - that makes +6 total

  3. Ha, still so jealous of you picking up Kathleen Duey. You lucky duck! ;)

    Okay, so +1 for this comment, and +1 for old follower, errr, following you on Twitta, so that's +1. Shout on on Twitter is +1

    I thinks I got 4 points! YAY.

    karen at karen-strong dot com baby!

  4. Larissa! Glad you had a good conference. I can't wait to hear more!

    Here's my entry for your fabulous contest:
    1. Comment +1

    2. Old Follower +2

    4. Will plug the contest on my blog +2

    My email is aimeebussard at gmail dot com

    That brings my total to 5 for now! I can't wait for the next posts!

  5. Larissa--I love the giveaways! And glad you had a super conference--fantastic!

    comment +1,
    old follower +2
    Will plug contest on my blog +2 (i'll leave you the link once I do)
    will also tweet (but I can't for the life of me figure out how to link to that. +1

    that's 6, I'll post another comment once I do the blog and twitter thing.

    hegkelly at


  6. Thanks for all the great notes on the conference and for linking to other blog conference notes too! I really appreciate that.

    Commenting, old follow (here and twitter), will tweet, (5pts) but really your notes and links are the real prize. Thanks again. :)

  7. Commenting, new follower, will tweet. What's that? Four points?

    Also, my son is in a handbell ensemble! It's been an awesome experience.

  8. Ugh. Ate my post :(

    Start over:

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    Blog Entry ( +2
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    Comment on Wednesday's Post +1

    ipaintwithwords at aol dot com

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  9. and +10. I had that in the post that got eaten lol

  10. I'M IN. I'm a new follower, so that makes, what, 287 entries? KIDDING, I'm just kidding, geez, calm down - 2 entries. I want that signed copy of CHICKEN DANCE! And how coo is it that you got to hang out with Kathleen Duey? She's seems quite fabulous, in both writing and personal terms.

  11. Oooh! Could not resist entering. :)

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    Total: 6
    carr (dot) harr (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. Comment +1
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    I think my daughter is going to love your site-she loves writing fiction. Plus, we're just across the way in Lake County :)

  13. Awesomesauce! Great bunch of books here. Sign me up!

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    Facebook mention+2 (email me for link)

    Total of 7

    groovymonster (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. I think it's so great that you do this, Larissa. :) It was wonderful meeting you last weekend.


  15. What a terrific idea and heck, I love contests. In our family we play rounds of games or challenges for no reasons whatsoever. I was recently lucky enough to be at another Novel Immersion conference in LAke Tahoe NV. where I got to talk with Terri Farley again. Thanks for the fun way to maybe win something super coolicious.

  16. Hey, where's my entry?? Dirty pool! Just for that, Larissa, you have to give me, oh, let's say 285 extra entries. Right? RIGHT?

    Oh fine, if you HAVE to count my real number of entries, I think it's 2...

    Mike "Sarah's Cabana Boy" Jung

  17. Love finding more books to win!

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    = 3


  18. Great contest!
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    8 Points!
    farley dot christinaL at gmail dot com

  19. I just found your blog today, by random coincedence. I was at the SCBWI Conference with you last weekend, and I remember loving the concept of your book.
    Today I saw that you won a critique from agent Bree for your pitch and I was like, "Wait, that sounds familiar...". And here you are.

    I'm a follower now and look forward to seeing mroe from you.
    Congrats on being a pitch winner!

  20. Hi Megan! Thanks for following! Are you planning to go to Miami in January?