Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Guest Post! By Mike Jung!


Mike was the winner of GONE by Michael Grant in my recent contest. When I mailed him the book, I asked if he'd like to do a guest post here, and HE SAID YES!

I am excited to present you with Mike's guest post -- via vlog!!! **applause**

So, what do you think about series? I love reading series, but I'm not sure I'd love writing them. I can see my current ms having series potential, but I'm not sure if I'd like, you know, HAVING to come up with a new storyline for this character.

Thanks so much, Mike! You are awesome!!!


  1. I do appreciate these vlogs. It's one thing to read someone's post, but another thing to hear their voice, especially if it's someone you've seen around--I know Mike from other forums.

    I'm attempting a series, and it's more pressure than writing a stand-alone book. It's more to keep track of, and I have to be very aware of my MC's growth from book to book.

  2. Thanks Medeia! If I do end up writing a series at some time I'm sure I'll have the same issues. Tracking character development alone seems like it'd be a mind-boggling challenge when dealing with multiple books.

    And thanks again, Larissa!

  3. I wrote a four-book series. I thought the first would stand alone, but the publisher asked for a series. It was overall a wonderful experience--I mean, it's a form of job security and with writing how often do you have that? Still, series writing CAN turn what many people think of as a purely creative outlet into a 9-5er in a big hurry. And it can be scary if you're a slower writer. It's easy to dream of a series without realizing how it changes your writing life.

  4. Medeia, That's what I love about vlogs, too. Seeing and hearing someone is so fun!

    Mike, Thanks again! That was great! I agree. Actually, I think keeping track of everything would be difficult!

    Marcia, Hi! I think what you mention is what I would worry about most of all. I enjoy the creativity of writing, and having to crank something out that didn't necessarily want to come, would be really hard. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Fun to have Mike on your blog. I do like series but I've never actually written one. But I always try to make the book have the potential to be a series book.