Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Adverbs & Clichés in a Nutshell

I'm excited to be part of the blog tour for the second book in Jessica Bell's Writing in a Nutshell series!

Have you been told you use too many adverbs and clichés in your writing? Want to remedy it? Then this is the book for you!

In Adverbs & Clichés in a Nutshell: Demonstrated Subversions of Adverbs & Clichés into Gourmet Imagery, you will find thirty-four examples of prose which clearly demonstrate how to turn those pesky adverbs and clichés into vivid and unique imagery. Extra writing prompts are also provided at the end of the book.

Not only is this pocket guide an excellent learning tool for aspiring writers, but it is a user-friendly and simple solution to honing your craft no matter how broad your writing experience. With the convenient hyper-linked Contents Page and Indexes you can toggle backward and forward from different examples with ease. Use your e-reader's highlighting and note-taking tools to keep notes as you read, and/or record your story ideas, anywhere, anytime.

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This book is a wonderful resource for beginning writers and writers who are told they have too many adverbs and/or clichés in their writing. The opening essay is interesting and informative, and the examples throughout the book are clear and easy to read.

About the Author:

The Australian-native contemporary fiction author and poet, Jessica Bell, also makes a living as an editor and writer for global ELT publishers (English Language Teaching), such as Pearson Education, HarperCollins, Macmillan Education, Education First and Cengage Learning.

She is the co-publishing editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and the director of the Homeric Writers’ Retreat & Workshop on the Greek island of Ithaca.

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  1. I still need to grab a copy of Jessica's book, but it sounds so awesome! Can't wait to read it.

  2. P.S. Larissa, you've been nominated for a blog award. =)