Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Crabby Crabmonster

(Crabby Bear by M.Hsu at Deviantart)

Do you ever feel like this?  I know I do.  Whether it's just a bad day, or sickness, or crazy kids, or your spouse/significant other/dog/goldfish being a butthead, the crabby crabmonster can sneak up on you and rain all over your day.

But then what do you do?  One of the great things about social media is that when the crabby crabmonster shows up, there are people around to help cheer you up, or make you laugh, or just give you a cyber hug.

However, I have run into a couple of problems.  First, my worlds are colliding.  Too many of my in-person friends are now on twitter or facebook.  I can't vent about someone if they'll see my vent!  And a semi-vague vent isn't as cathartic. :(  Plus, people ask what you're talking about, and you have to lie, or avoid the question, or private message them.  It's just annoying.

My second problem is that with so many things going on in my life (I write, teach preschool, direct the handbell choirs at my church, teach Sunday School, am a Creative Memories Consultant, have three children, and am married (and a partridge in a pear tree)), I have stretches where I'm stressed, and the crabby crabmonster visits more often.  But I don't want to flood my social media with negativity.

So, what do you do?  Do you avoid social media when the crabby crabmonster visits?

And, to end on a positive note, if you celebrate Christmas, what are you hoping to get for Christmas, or what present are you excited to give? :)


  1. My crab monster stays firmly in email form--or once in a while he'll sneak out when I'm commenting on other blogs about similar issues. Like, I'm pretty much safe talking about it here.

    My problem is Facebook. I'm rarely on there because that is where my family, my husbands 5,000 cousins, old friends, new personal friend, customers from my professional life, writing friends and strangers collide. Way to easy to mess up there.

  2. That picture is so cute. Does that mean it's cute to be crabby?

    I agree with Pat about Facebook, which is why I've never joined. Sometimes I want to, but all the privacy issues, wrong people seeing the wrong thing, etc., spook me. Facebook means that high school can't be left behind anymore -- is that what we really want???

    To me, Facebook is a personal place, and I have enough in-person and cellphone family contact that I don't need it. I use Twitter as a writer, and I'm on Google + too, though it seems spammy and I do very little on there.

    I'm getting a laptop for Christmas!

  3. Oh yes! I've dealt with this a time or two. As one of your in-person friends on Twitter and FB, I promise to never be offended if you bitch about me on either. As long as I can bitch right back. :P

    I try not to bitch too often on SN because it does seem negative. I've done it, obviously, but I try to keep negativity to either phone, in-person, or email conversations. It seems to be better that way.

    I want a Keurig for Christmas. LOL.

  4. I have pretty much totally left Facebook to avoid co-workers and the like. Twitter is my writer world and I hope to keep it that way.

  5. I understand. You know what I'm asking for Christmas this year (other than a contract- hee hee) is TIME!!!! Maybe Santa will send that to you too! Or BOTH!