Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long time, no see

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month and a half!  But I've noticed quite a few bloggers I follow have taken hiatuses (hiati? what is the plural of hiatus?), so I don't feel so bad. (No, I still feel bad.)

I have been working (working working working), and I still don't have internet at home (SIGH).  If I don't get internet for Christmas, I may hurt someone. 

Anyway, I have been spending my babysitter-time today trying to catch up on some blog reading (since I can't do that very well on my phone), and basically just playing around online.  I should be writing, but I've hit a blah.  I'm not blocked, per say, but I feel blah, and I just can't get into my writing.  I think it's a combination of too much going on (three jobs, three kids, NO INTERNET, etc.) and exhaustion and no real routine writing time.  I only have eight more school days before I have three weeks off, so I'm hoping to shake the blah off then.

So, I was wondering, what do you do when you hit a blah?  How do you get past it?

Also, I'm super excited to be going to the SCBWI FL Regional Conference in Miami again next month!  As usual, I will be giving away two or three of the conference faculty's books (signed!) here on the blog when I get back.  Since I'm hoping to get some bookstore gift cards for Christmas and use them to buy the books, now is your chance to tell me which books you'd like to have the opportunity to win!  Go here to see the faculty line up, and let me know in the comments which books you think I should give away.

Larissa :-)


  1. Ha, I only blog once a month anyway, so don't beat yourself up over not blogging frequently. I don't know how you guys all do it! But, whenever I hit a blah period, basically I usually just let it take hold for a little bit. I find that naturally, I get bored of that attitude after awhile and feel the drive to once again dive into things. I kinda view it as my body's natural way of telling me I need a break. But, I suppose some people could just call that being lazy ... :)

  2. I find that I become blah about my writing when I'm not reading or I'm reading something that doesn't do much for me. When I find something to read that's good, I get excited about writing again. So my suggestion: If you're not already doing it, read a good book, and if you can't find a good book, reread one.

  3. Thanks, Tiana and Paul! Those are both great suggestions.

    Tiana, I'm letting it take hold at least throught the next week or so, because with the Christmas program at school, I don't really have time to write now anyway. I'm hoping the combo of more time to write and less stress will push the blah away during break. :)

    Paul, I have a bunch of books on my TBR pile, so I will definitely try that! :)

  4. See you in Miami next month. Have a great weekend.

  5. I read a book or watch television to get inspired! But I hit the blahs too, inevitable.