Monday, October 18, 2010


Bit of a random drive-by post today, sorry.  I'm going a bit nutty getting ready for the Silent Auction, promoting the online auction (today and tomorrow! Critiques from agents and authors!  Go check it out! Pass it on to your friends!), and not having internet at home (I'll be getting it soon, though).

Anyway, I was thinking about acronyms the other day.  Sometimes, when I see an aconym, I think the actual words it stands for, and other times, I think the letters.  Do you do that?  Or do you always hear an acronym one way or the other?

For example, when I see LOL, I think "LOL."  I don't think "laughing out loud."  But when I see MG, I think "middle grade." 

When I see "FYI," I think "FYI," but if I see "BTW," I think "by the way."

Am I weird, or do any of you do that, too?

Hope to be back online soon, so I can catch up with all the blogs I missed!

Check out the online auction and spread the word!

Larissa :-)


  1. yay for putting a plug about the auction! Good for you!

  2. The auction was awesome! Great job. :)

    I totally mix acronyms like you. Depends on what it is.

  3. I totally do that! When I type and see FTW, I say For The Win, but with LOL, I think LOL. Too funny!

  4. Me, too. When I think of LOL I think of humor, but not "laughing out loud." So sometimes I see an image or feel an emotion, but I don't think about the acronyms.