Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Flashback

(What? It's totally still Friday ... for 1 and a half more hours ... and more than that where some of you live ... shut up.)

This post is inspired by Jessie Harrell's Friday Flashback post. Jessie is awesome, and you should check out her blog. :)

Anyway, Jessie posted about high school heartbreak and using it to fuel your YA writing. I thought I would share my response here.

Ah. Young love. I fell in love with a guy on an overnight orchestra trip. We just clicked, even though we'd been in orchestra together for three + years at that point. Anyway, I remember the tingly, excited feeling of cuddling with him on the bus, and desperately wanting him to kiss me (if only we had been alone!).

When we arrived back at school, I asked him what the deal was with us (did he want to "go out" with me?!?). He told me he did want to go out with me, but he had asked someone else out right before the trip. *stab* He felt he had to try it with her since he had asked her first. The hardest part was that I could see he wanted me, too (I think he even had tears in his eyes - for reals).

Oh, I was sooooo heartbroken. I couldn't even eat for a week. I remember this freshman boy from orchestra would buy me lunch and try to make me eat (I think he had a crush on me, himself). I pined for him for about a month. I remember he told me that he wasn't sure things were working out with the other girl right before prom, and that he was considering breaking up with her after prom. I later found out that was because she wasn't putting out. Well, she did put out for prom, and he didn't break up with her...she got pregnant.

I still look back on that whole thing as a dodged bomb. What if he had chosen me, and *I* had ended up pg? I met my current (only) husband less than a year later. It would have changed *everything.*

So, how about you? Did you have a high school heartbreak moment that still stays with you?


  1. Great story, Larissa. Sounds like you definitely dodged a bullet!

  2. good reading here.
    Also, just noticed your awesome new blog look. Very cool.

  3. Great post, Larissa. I remember band bus trips with fondness and horror. What could I have been thinking when the boy of my dreams sat next to me on the bus for an 18 hour drive to another state? My post mortem is that we were both so inept, we looked at each other a lot, but never quite did anything about our attraction. And by anything, I'm including talking much. Put two shy people together and you flirt with disaster. Thanks for the reminder~!

  4. Definitely a dodged bullet. Some heartbreaks are for the best...The only one I have was a LONG, intense unrequited crush. Just as well. We were both too shy. Then I met my NOT shy, upbeat, optimistic husband, and found out the kind of guy I belonged with.

  5. Great story. Yes, I dodged several bullets and am glad I ended up with my hubby because he's awesome.

    And btw, I read your comment on Natalie's blog in re: to me. Yes, huggers unite! :)

  6. Thanks, everyone! I love how, just writing that brought all those emotions back and they were VIVID. It's a great exercise. :)