Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prepare Ye, O My Followers

As I mentioned, I am heading to Miami for the SCBWI FL Conference next week (SQUEE! AGAIN!). In preparation for the awesomeness, I will be heading to the bookstore with my own hard-earned gift cards (one was a gift, and TWO were won in blog contests - thanks again Blee and Rhonda).

What will I buy with my shiny new gift cards, you ask?

Some wonderful things for myself, of course, but also - PRESENTS FOR YOU!!!

That's right! I am driving down and rooming with the awesome Jaclyn Dolamore, author of MAGIC UNDER GLASS, and I just found out my critique session is with Danielle Joseph, author of SHRINKING VIOLET. PLUS, there will be a special booksigning the night before the conference starts, and Michael Grant, author of GONE will be there!

So, I am going to take my shiny new gift cards, and I am going to buy an extra copy of each of these books (GONE will be paperback - it just released in PB, and it helps me afford this contest). I am going to take them with me and get them signed. Then, I am going to have a giveaway, right here on my blog. My very first giveaway.

Yes, I am awesome. Also, you're welcome.

So, what this means for you right now: I am giving all of my followers BEFORE I post the actual giveaway an extra entry (that means you, if your cute little picture is over in that box on the left). Do you have friends you think would like that extra entry? Send them over and tell them to click the follow box. If they comment here and tell me you sent them, you get an extra 2 entries (on top of the one for following). Ooh, I'm generous.

Speaking of contests and contest awesomeness, check out this one from Valerie:

You may now sing my praises in the comments. :P



  1. You are freaking awesome. Have a FABULOUS time in Miami. I can't wait to go to a conference!

  2. Thanks! I love your blog, which means you are awesome, too!

    Beware, though, if you attend a conference that's not local, you have to stay in a...HOTEL! :)

  3. I am counting the days... =D

  4. Wahoo! You are awesome! I loooove contests!

    The conference sounds exciting.

    P.S. I just got a notice at 5am this morning that the gift card was shipped out, did you get it already? I hope so.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Jackie!

    Hi, Blee! I didn't get it yet, but I don't leave till next week Thursday, so it has plenty of time to get here. Thanks again! :)

  6. It sounds like you're ready to have fun! Enjoy.

  7. Kewl! Have a great time at the conference and thanks for this loverly give-away. I need to attend a conference one of these days. Despite Lisa and Laura's post re: hotels, which I also read and got your reference! haha :-)

  8. hey Larissa =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really like yours too!

    you have a great name btw =P


  9. Melissa - heehee! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so excited!

    Hi Larissa! :) (Boy, that sounds weird to say! I haven't run into very many Larissas - LOL)

  10. Ooooh. I'll forgive you for not coming to NY because there's such awesomeness at the FL conference! I ADORED Gone!

    Have fun!

  11. So awesome. Have fun in Florida!