Tuesday, June 24, 2014

By Jove by Marissa Doyle and a friend's re-release

My friend and amazing author Marissa Doyle's newest book is out today, and it's FANTASTIC! This is her first foray into adult romance, and I LOVED this book. Read on to find out more!

Book description from Goodreads:
For Theodora Fairchild, returning to graduate school after three years of teaching Latin to unenthusiastic middle schoolers is a dream come true. The professors in the Classics Department at John Winthrop University in Boston are the best in their field; the classes are varied and intellectually stimulating…and she meets brilliant, sweetly nerdy post-doc Grant Proctor. 

 As she gives in to her feelings for Grant, someone seems determined to keep them apart—no matter the consequences. Things are not quite what they seem in the Classics Department, and someone there has plans for Theo that don’t include Grant. When Grant disappears, surviving the semester becomes only one of Theo’s worries; her wits and wisdom may be the only things that can save the man she loves.

Get it at Amazon, B&N, or links to other retailers at Entangled's page. (It's on sale for $.99 for the first five days, so you have no excuse not to!)

My Review:
Theo is a graduate student excited to get her advanced degree in classical studies so she can stop teaching Latin to kids, and start teaching to students who actually want to learn it. At the university, she meets Grant Proctor, an intriguing new teaching fellow.

I just LOVED the nerdy atmosphere of this novel. The university setting, the characters who were all as obsessed with and knowledgeable about Classic Greek and Roman history, languages, and literature, it was like coming home even though the classics aren't my nerddom of choice.

Marissa Doyle has a way of pulling you into a novel and not letting go. I gasped at a particular plot twist, and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish this book.

Theo is a fun, nerdy character, and I loved her relationship with Grant. Even when I was frustrated with his behavior, I felt for him and rooted for their relationship.

I highly recommend this book. Marissa Doyle has officially taken her place as one of my favorite authors. I look forward to reading more from her.

5 stars.

About Marissa Doyle:
I was born and raised in a family of readers (big surprise there) not far from the ocean. Okay, in Massachusetts it’s hard to not be far from the ocean. But on or near the water is where I’m happiest. It took me a long time as a toddler to figure out that I couldn’t breathe water as well as I do air. I did, mostly, and still live in Massachusetts, still spend a lot of time in and on the waters of Cape Cod, and hope to never leave.

Living in a place where history is everywhere might also have a lot to do with my love of the past. I majored in history and archaeology in college and still read a lot of non-fiction on those subjects. Doing so has taught me that, quite often, real life is far stranger than any fiction.

My other great love beyond the water and history is making things. I love to sew and do needlepoint, and most particularly, make quilts. Writing fits in there as a creative endeavor, too, but has the added benefit of not leaving threads all over the carpet.

In addition to writing, my other full time career is being a wife, mom to my terrific kids, and adoring slave to this handsome guy.

Also, re-releasing today is my friend Kell Andrews's MG DEADWOOD. To find out more about Deadwood and Kell's story of how she's releasing it for a second time, head over to her blog here.

YAY for friends' new releases! Now go out and snatch them up!

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  1. The adult romance sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it! I so have to check out Deadwood...