Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Summer Vacation Part 2: South Dakota!

I have a lot more pictures for this post.  If you've never been to South Dakota, it is really just a different kind of place.  It's hard to describe, but I think some of these pictures will help.

Our traditional stop on the way into see my family at the ranch: AL'S OASIS. 

And look what you can buy! RATTLESNAKE EGGS.  Dude.
This is what the drive looks like pretty much all the way across the state. Along with the occasional herd of cattle and field of hay bales.
And when we arrived, we were invited to a wedding!  A distant relative's wedding.  In a bar. It was fun!
My uncle's cows.
I think this is the Little White River where it comes through my uncle's property.
Martin, SD. 'Nuff said.

This is an old truck on my uncle's farm.  My husband desperately wants to come get it someday and rebuild it. But anyway this is how they do things in SD. When you're down with your truck, you park it somewhere on your property and go get a new one.

Here's a picture of my uncle baling.  They cut the hay, then rake it into rows, and then bale it.
Here's my dad and one of the kids on a four-wheeler. My husband even got me to drive one. Wheeee!

We drove up to see Mt. Rushmore.

So that's South Dakota!  It's really fun, and a unique place to go.  I couldn't live there because of the weather 70% of the year (I hate snow), but I love to visit.  I forgot how much I loved my uncle's ranch (formerly my grandma's ranch) until I got there.  Even the smell was comforting and familiar.


  1. Rattlesnake eggs?! With REAL venom?!

    Thanks for bringing the place to life with your pictures.

  2. Very cool photos. I went to SD with my hubby on our first anniversary and took our kids there last summer. BEautiful and different. A very cool place to visit! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Wow! Love the rattlesnake eggs!

    (And starting in on Fancy White Trash--really like it so far!)

  4. Went through there eons ago on our honeymoon. Camped in Chamberlain, SD, in a pup-tent. Memories!

  5. Rattle snake eggs? Cooool.Your photos are so nice. Those greens are priceless. This made me want to hit SD this summer. =)

    -Shanae Buckner