Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay - sorry to post twice in one day, but I have some fun contests I would like to share with you (although if you win, I will be mad - just kidding)!

First, the contest at The Bookshelf Muse. If you don't follow them, you should. They have some great resources on their blog! Here's a link to the contest:

Adding more contests in a sec...

'Kay - here's another - Number One Novels - a blog supporting debut novelists (how awesome is that?). They are giving away Kelly Meding's new novel THREE DAYS TO DEAD:

I may find more...

Shelli at Market My Words is having a fun contest, too! Go follow her and enter!

Found another! Agent Suzie Townsend is giving away a signed copy of PEACE, LOVE, AND BABY DUCKS by Lauren Myracle on her blog: Oh, and if you enter, tell her I told you about it, and we each get three extra entries! Woot!


  1. Thanks! I'll have to enter a few of those.

  2. Always a pleasure to meet another Scorpio! Every year about this time, I open up my blog and invite
    GUEST-POSTERS to contribute. Let me know if you're interested! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!